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  Preserving The Moment, The Memory and The Magic

Let Byrd Photography capture your special wedding moments in his trademark journalistic style with just the right blend of professionalism and artistry.

Choose the basic photography or basic video or both packages. You may then customize your wedding coverage by adding our other services and options. Please see our wedding gallery.

The some wedding package consists of ceremony and reception coverage, up to many shoots views in a deluxe album. Announcement and wedding gown portrait for newspaper included. Extra prints and 8x10s and 5x7s may be ordered after delivery. An 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20 bridal portrait for reception or home available at an additional price. The Photo Basic package also includes statewide coverage and nearby border cities at no additional cost. An Internet download plan is also available at an additional cost - imagine seeing your wedding photos while on your honeymoon. The internet plan also is an excellent way to allow family and friends to see your photos or order copies for themselves. A password protection assures your privicy.

       Frequently asked questions about wedding photography:

Q. I would like to take some of my pictures before the start of the wedding to expedite the entire picture-taking process. Do you charge extra for starting an hour or two before the wedding?

A. yes. I too, don't like to have guests waiting a long time at the reception either. With the bridal party's full cooperation, I am able to photograph the after-ceremony photographs in about fifteen minutes. Our services include up to 5 hours on site.

Q. Your wedding contract indicates payment of services in full two weeks before the wedding date. I do not like to pay for anything in full before receiving the service or product. Your comment please.

A. Like most professionals in this field and other businesses where customized services are ordered, I require full payment two days before the wedding date.  Unlike most products, your pictures or videos would not be salable to anyone else. My reputation for performance for over 10 years is open for your inspection. We will be unable to appear at your event if the balance is not paid in full.

Q. I'm planning our dream wedding in a stunning outdoor location. Do you charge more for outdoor weddings?

A. No. But, quite a few photographers charge more because of the unpredictable aspect of shooting outdoors. Personally, I hate outdoor weddings because of past experiences in doing them. Before planning an outdoor wedding, I highly recommend that you talk to brides and grooms who have survived an outdoor event. In addition to all of the usual challenges of having any event, outdoor weddings bring along potential encounters with bugs and insects, sand and dust, wind noise, unpredictable weather, and additional preparation for seating, feeding, and providing comfort for guests.

Q. My reception will last approximately four hours. Do you have a time limit for reception coverage.

A. Yes, my reception coverage is the time agree in the contact of your wedding coritch. I charge an additional $125 per hour for each service beyond the contract agreement.

Q. Seemingly, your packages are very limited. Why don't you offer more packages to choose from?

A. My packages are intentionally basic in order to allow you to customize exactly what you want. If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask me to quote a price.

Q. My uncle wants to video my wedding and give me a copy as a gift. Do you allow this and will he get in your way?

A. I don't mind relatives taking pictures or video, however, sometimes, guest photographers and video enthusiast do get in the way, prolong shooting sequences or flash at the wrong time. Having more than one professional for whatever services you paid for does violate our agreement. Time would be wasted because each photographer works in different styles and posing arrangements.

Q. My church will not allow video to be made from the pulpit area.

A. As you should note from my agreement form, I cannot be held responsible if the church's protocol prevents my position or movements. Its unfortunately in our modern society that some churches will not allow professional photographers or to discreetly position themselves to get the best angle. In my personal opinion, members and families support churches all through the years and on this special occasion want and deserve full and unrestricted cooperation.

Q. My church will not allow flash pictures or movement by the photographer. How will you handle this in the performance of services for me?

A. With modern cameras we can take pictures without using flash when necessary. With telephoto lenses, most moments can be zoomed in to provide an adequate view. I personally speak with church officials before shooting and if they have extreme restrictions, I will notify the bride that some of her picture requests may not be possible.




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